Safeguarding in the Catholic Church & In Our Parish

Safeguarding is a duty that is rooted in the message of Jesus and in the mission of the Church. The Catholic Church in Scotland aspires to the highest standards with regard to the care and protection of children and vulnerable adults, and actively promotes justice for, and provides assistance to, those who have been abused. We are committed to respecting, protecting and nurturing the dignity of all people. We are determined that the Catholic Church in Scotland will offer a safe place in all Church premises and activities, and with all Church personnel. We are committed to improving the culture of our Safeguarding approach in order to rebuild trust and confidence in the ways in which we ensure that children and vulnerable adults are kept safe.

All in the parish, who act in the name of the Church, and who are involved in any way with individuals or groups that are considered to be potentially vulnerable, are obliged to undergo diocesan training and be registered on the PVG scheme, this includes both clergy and lay faithful. Each Church in our Parish has a designated Parish Safeguarding Coordinator. Where concerns or issues of a safeguarding nature occur it is imperative that the Safeguarding Coordinator and the Parish Priest be informed as soon as possible, in order that appropriate action may be undertaken. It is, after all, the duty of each one of us to look out for the welfare of our brothers and sisters.

Safeguarding Coordinator in St Peter & Chains – Michael McCourt

Safeguarding Coordinator in Ss John & Columba’s – Lisa Quinn & Karen Parker

Safeguarding Coordinators in Our Lady of Lourdes – Andrew Millar & Christopher Nwachukwu

Please speak to one of the Coordinators if you have any questions.

Further information on our Archdiocesan and National Safeguarding Policies can be found at the following websites:

A Link to the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh’s Safeguarding Resources page: Archdiocesan Safeguarding

A Link to the National Safeguarding Service of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Scotland:

An updated copy of the In God’s Image document (updated on 27th October 2021) from the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland can be viewed here: