A word from the Parish Priest:  

MeThis weekend brings with it a number of changes to all three parish communities as we come together under the pastoral care of a single Parish Priest.  Through these changes there will, undoubtedly, be challenges that we all have to face – challenges to which I am very sensitive. However, I am certain that as we look positively to the future together there will be many blessings and opportunities to grow and work as a united community of Faith, strong in our witness to the Gospel and committed to the building up the Kingdom of God in our midst.

On behalf of us all, may I thank Fr Davie for his work as Parish Priest of OLOL and as Dean of Fife. The life and vocation of a priest is that we go where we are asked, to serve as best as we can, and so thank you Fr Alex for your ministry here in Fife and may God bless you in your apostolate in Edinburgh.

A wee bit about me:
For those of you who do not know me yet, I was born and brought up in Kirkcaldy and my teenage years were spent in and around Kelty, so I’m very much a Fifer!

I was ordained over 15 years ago, and this is my fourth appointment with multiple parishes, and so I am used to bi-locating (now tri-locating)! Of course, it will take a while to settle into Our Lady of Lourdes, meet everyone and get my head around who is who, who does what, and where everything is, so please be patient with me – I’ll admit it, I’m useless with names, but I am looking forward to getting to know you all!

Other responsibilities that I have outwith the Parish include being the Archdiocesan Master of Ceremonies. This role is one that I carry out at the personal request of the Archbishop, assisting him with the various liturgical celebrations that take place across our archdiocese.

I am also a commissioned chaplain in the Royal Army Chaplain’s Department and until this month I was Padre with the Glasgow & Lanarkshire Battalion ACF. I have now been appointed by 51 Brigade & HQ Scotland (Army), the chaplain for the Black Watch BN ACF, which has it’s HQ in Perth, but detachments across Fife and Perthshire.  I also serve as the Catholic Officiating Chaplain to the Military at Brigade level, thus providing pastoral and spiritual care to Catholic regular and reserve soldiers when required, as well as being an OCM for the Royal Navy based in Rosyth.

Moving Forward: As we are aware, the Archbishop wishes for the many parishes across the Archdiocese to be reconstituted into new entities, as a result of the current growing shortage of priests and declining numbers of active parishioners. Our three parishes have been asked to come together under the patronage of The Most Holy Trinity, a new name for this cluster yet a name which is of great  historical significance in this part of Fife, since this was the pre-reformation name of Dunfermline Abbey. Effectively this is an administrative decision, as practically speaking the names of the three churches etc and the day-to-day reality for each congregation will roughly remain the same.

To assist in our moving  forward with the amalgamation, a meeting will be held in Our Lady of Lourdes Hall on Thursday 13th September at 7.30pm, a meeting that I would encourage you all to attend, as I believe this will help the transition to go all the more smoothly and positively.

Asking you, kindly, for your prayers and assuring you of mine, Fr. Kevin.


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